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What Is Jock Itch: What Is Jock Itch All About


What Is Jock Itch All About

Some of you who have not come across this term may wonder what is Jock itch. This is a type of ringworm. This does not necessarily mean that it is a worm. It is a fungal infection that may affect the outer layers of the skin, nails or hair.

 This name has been used to refer to a very itchy rash in the groin that may involve the thigh and any skin that is adjacent especially in men.  This condition is associated with sweating, abrasion, direct rubbing of skin on skin or occlusive clothing.

This rash is not necessarily restricted to the groin. It may also affect areas of the skin that may overlap for instance in the skin folds of obese people.  Jock itch is generally caused by fungi.

Fungi is known to grow on or in the top layer of the skin. It is very rampant in warm and moist areas of the human body such as the inner thighs, groin and buttocks. If you are under antibiotic medication or have diabetes, your immune system is likely to be affected and you may develop the rash. What Is Jock Itch

In some cases however, jock itch may be caused by bacteria. This is easier to diagnose since the affected skin glows a color that is coral red when under a black light. It may also be as a result of wearing very tight clothes or athletic supporters which may initiate the problem or even make it worse.

If you intend of being aware of this condition, then there are some signs and symptoms that you should be on the lookout for. The most common signs of this condition are itching and pain. You will also notice a rash on the groin, skin folds or inner thighs. The edge of this rash will be very distinct and may have bumps that look like blisters. In addition, the center of the rash may have a red-brown color.
Most ringworm infections that affect the skin can be treated at home by the use of antifungal powders and creams that may be purchased without a prescription. However, if the infection does not go away is very severe or comes back, it is advisable to have your doctor check on you.
The treatment procedure is not all that complicated. You just need to wash the infected skin with soap and water, the spread the antifungal cream over the rash. You can use an antifungal cream that contains clotrimazole, terbinafine or miconazole. In case the ringworm j=has formed blisters on your skin, you may use compresses to dry out and sooth the blisters.
The best way to prevent yourself from getting jock itch is by keeping your groin, buttocks and inner thighs clean and dry. You can achieve this by washing your workout clothes, socks, underwear and towels after each use. You can also wear shoes anytime you use public showers and locker rooms.

Now that you know what is jock itch, you are one step closer to preventing it.

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