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What Causes Jock Itch: Exactly What Causes Jock Itch And How To Prevent It

What Causes Jock Itch

What Causes Jock Itch


Exactly What Causes Jock Itch And How To Prevent It

Jock Itch isn’t necessarily only caught by jocks or athletes, but they do tend to get it more often due to the friction of hard exercise, and the moisture from sweating. Taking antibiotics is also a common cause because they kill the normal skin bacteria, which allows the fungi of Jock Itch to run wild.

What Causes Jock Itch And Can It Be Avoided?

The two typical causes of Jock Itch are Candida albicans and Tinea cruris, two very common types of yeast that cause a variety of skin infections. Athletes foot, ringworm, and some types of dandruff are also caused by an overgrowth of yeast.

While you can’t avoid being exposed to the yeast microbes or their spores, you can limit their ability to cause infections of the skin. They are both opportunistic microbes, that won’t normally penetrate the upper skin layers, but when the skin is abraded it’s like leaving the door wide open.

So rather than avoiding the microbes, it’s best to use plenty of medicated talcum powder to avoid the abrasion caused by friction, and the medication will lower the skin counts of both bacteria and fungi, while helping keep the area dry as well.

There are Easy Home Cures And Over The Counter Medications That Work

If you’ve suddenly found that you have a budding yeast infection of the groin, Jock Itch, you’ll first want to clean the area thoroughly. Then apply rubbing alcohol to disinfect the entire area from all bacteria and fungi, then pat dry.

After you have the area cleaned and disinfected, you’ll want to apply a longer lasting medication to continue killing the yeast for hours. There are several Lotrimin based fungal creams that can be purchased without a prescription, and they work quite well, but they may be a little expensive.

If you have vinegar in the kitchen, and you don’t want to drive to the pharmacy right away, you can apply it to a washcloth and cover the entire groin area liberally. Pat partly dry, but leave some residue to dry on it’s own, then reapply 3 times per day. Diluted lemon juice also works in the same way, but lemons are harder to come by in most parts of the country.

Wearing Cotton Clothing Is A Good Preventative Measure

Excess moisture on the skin is a breeding ground for many types of fungi, dryness kills them, and interrupts their reproduction cycles. Synthetic clothing doesn’t do a good job of soaking up moisture, so cotton is recommended for all undergarments, to help keep things dry.

It’s also a good idea to change your undergarments daily, or more often if they’ve become damp, in order to prevent any kind of yeast infection. Applying medicated baby powder is also a great way to keep things dry, abrasion free, and medicated.

Dealing with Jock Itch isn’t going to be fun, it smells, and is contagious, so being around others intimately is impossible. But, now that you know what causes Jock Itch, you can take quick action as soon as you get symptoms, you’ll stop the spread, and decrease the time before you’re cured.


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