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Jock Itch Symptoms: And A Quick Home Remedy

Jock Itch Symptoms: And A Quick Home Remedy

Jock Itch Symptoms

Jock Itch Symptoms And A Quick Home Remedy

Jock itch is a very common disease that nearly everyone will get at some point in their lives, many more than once. It tends to hit athletes a little more often because of the exercising and sweating, the fungus grows in the moist areas of the groin, but can hit almost anyone, anytime. There are of course many things you can do to avoid getting it, and there are some things that will tend to bring it about.

Taking Antibiotics For Another Infection Paves The Way For Jock Itch

Our bodies have a delicate balance of bacteria and fungi living on our skin all of the time. The two types of microbes keep each other in check throughout our lives. However, when you take a course of antibiotics for a bacterial infection, it kills a large portion of the good bacteria that live on your skin, then the fungi take over.

This isn’t always a problem for most of the areas on your body, you have defenses, and several layers of skin. But where it can become a problem is in areas that are being chafed, so the top protective layers of the skin are being removed by abrasion. Then the fungi, usually Tinea cruris, seizes the opportunity to grow out of control.

The best thing you can do, if you know you’re going to take some antibiotics, is to redouble your efforts to keep your groin clean, wear only cotton undergarments, and use plenty of medicated talcum powder. The talcum powder used on diaper rash is usually sufficient, as it normally contains zinc oxide, which is poisonous to fungi.

There Are Several Jock Itch Symptoms That Are Unmistakable

The first thing you’ll notice is the intense itching associated with the disease, then when you take a look, there’ll be a bright red rash with an empty white spot in the middle. The red rash will grow, and the white center will start emitting fluids that smell like musty yeast.

Make sure you don’t touch the infected area, even though it itches, because you can transfer the infection to other parts of your body easily. Sometimes the area will be raised slightly, and before it breaks out, your skin may turn dark for a bit. Jock Itch Symptoms
Lemons Are A Good Natural Home Remedy

If you have to lemons on hand, or a bottle of concentrate, the strong acid in a lemon is an excellent killer of fungi, including jock itch. Don’t use it full strength, dilute it about 1 oz. per cup, wet a washcloth and cover the entire area, then let dry. Do this three or more times per day until the jock itch symptoms have been gone for at least a few days.

Once the fungal infection is gone, make sure you keep the area clean, wear cotton undergarments that are also clean, and use a medicated powder as well.

Getting rid of jock itch isn’t normally all the difficult, but it can be more stubborn than other fungal infections, especially because of the moist area that is tends to occupy.
If the infection doesn’t clear up in just a few days, head to the pharmacy and pick up some Lotrimin cream, it’s a little costly, but will do the job as well. ( Click Here To Get Lotrimin cream, At Amazon.com


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