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Jock Itch In Women: How To Treat Jock Itch, The Symptoms And Prevention

How To Treat Jock Itch In Women, The Symptoms And Prevention

Jock Itch In Women

Jock Itch In Women

When most people hear about jock itch, they pretty much assume that it’s man’s disease, but that’s not always the case, about 30% of all jock itch cases are in women. And, most of them are in the same crotch area, where the skin rubs together, as they would be in men. The symptoms are similar, and the treatments too.

The Symptoms Of Jock Itch In Women

Although there is usually a darkening of the skin in the area before the fungal infection breaks out, it mostly goes unnoticed because the itch hasn’t arrived yet. By the time the infection starts to itch, it’s full blown and needs some immediate attention. You should refrain from scratching it, as you can transfer the infection elsewhere if you’re not careful.

Once you’ve got the itch, you’ll usually see a light colored, wet area in the middle, with a bright red rash around it. The wet area in the middle will be constantly leaking fluids, and you should work to keep it dry. The red rash will continue to spread until you start to medicate it, so you should get on it right away.

There Are Home Remedies You Probably Have Available Now

If you have lemons or lemon juice concentrate, you have a start on fixing your jock itch in women. You should mix it with water, about an ounce of juice to a cup of water, then apply it to your groin fairly liberally. Don’t dry it off with a towel, just let it air dry so it leaves some of the acid that will continue to work for hours.

You should repeat this process several times per day, while also maintaining a dry crotch and limiting any abrasion or chafing that could cause the infection to spread. If you normally wear synthetic underwear, switch to all cotton, as that helps to keep the groin dryer and less prone to fungal infections.

You Can Also Clean The Area With Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is an excellent disinfectant and will kill nearly all bacteria, fungi and viruses on contact. It’s also good for evaporating quickly and leaving a dry surface, but it won’t leave a longer term film like the lemon juice will, but it’s better than nothing until you get to the store. You can also use vinegar, it’s not as effective as lemon juice either, but does work and will help with the itching while killing the fungi.

Prevention Is The Key To Not Experiencing Jock Itch

If you work out regularly, or go on long walks, you may create the conditions that are ripe for fungi to live. The chafing between the legs, combined with the perspiration are all that is needed to get the infection started. So remember to shower after exercising and apply medicated powder to combat the chafing and the growth of fungi.

If you’re an active person, most likely you’ll experience jock itch several times in your lifetime. It’s important to take action immediately to shorten the duration of the disease, and maintain vigilance until the disease has been eliminated for several days. Afterwards, take precautions to prevent the return and you should be able to avoid having another outbreak. Find more additional information and cure here


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