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How To Prevent Jock Itch: And What Symptoms To Be Aware Of

How To Prevent Jock Itch: And What Symptoms To Be Aware Of

How To Prevent Jock Itch And What Symptoms To Be Aware Of

Getting an infection of Jock Itch isn’t a lot of fun, it has an intense itch that’s hard to ignore, and it has a strong yeast smell that can be annoying. There are two similar yeasts, or fungi, that cause most all of the yeast infections in humans, Albicans candidas and Tineas cruris. Albicans responds more quickly to treatment, while Tineas is more resistant, but both are totally curable.

There Are Times When You Are More Susceptible To Jock Itch

Although taking antibiotics doesn’t directly cause yeast infections, there is a correlation between the two. Our skin has a delicate balance between microbes, mostly bacteria and fungi, that live permanently there and cause no problems.
However, when a person takes antibiotics for a few days or more, it causes a huge die off of the normal skin bacteria. This then allows for the overgrowth of fungi, or yeast, which increases the chances of an infection.

Add to that any kind of abrasion caused be friction, like what happens in the groin area during exercise, and you have the perfect environment for the development of Jock Itch.
So, when taking antibiotics, it’s a wise idea to use as many preventative measures as you can, in order to prevent the infection before it starts.

How To Prevent Jock Itch

Since we know that moisture, friction, and the overgrowth of yeast is the main cause of the infection, then lessening any or all of these conditions can help prevent Jock Itch. To lessen the moisture problem, use cotton underwear to absorb the sweat, and change your underwear frequently to lessen dampness and exposure to built up yeast.

Another great resource for combating yeast infections is medicated talcum powder. It has three great benefits for helping prevent fungal infections, first is helps reduce chafing and abrasion be acting as a dry lubricant for the skin, and it absorbs excess moisture as well.  (how to prevent jock itch )

Add to that the medication that’s there to prevent diaper rash, a yeast infection, and you have one of the best prevention methods there is. You should sprinkle it on liberally in the groin area, inside socks, and anywhere else that’s damp, and dark, where the skin can rub together.

Some Theories Blame Diet For Susceptibility

There is some controversy when it comes to diet and yeast infections. Many people believe that eating sugar, carbohydrates, and other types of foods cause help the fungi thrive because the sugars are excreted in the sweat. This, may be true, so if you have noticed that you tend to get infected after certain changes in your diet, take note, and change your eating habits to see if it makes a difference.

There are also soaps that can cause changes in the flora that live on the skin, some soaps encourage more fungi, while others may kill fungi instead. Soaps that contain tea tree oil, borax, vinegar, or real lemon, will lessen the number of fungi. Soaps that contain sugars will encourage fungal growth, but by itself won’t cause an infection.

Dealing with Jock Itch is something that we all must do from time to time, it’s a common disease. But, by knowing what causes it and how to prevent jock itch, you’ll have the upper hand in taking quick action and reducing the spread and duration of the disease.

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