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How Long Does Jock Itch Last: When You Wonder How Long Does Jock Itch Last

When You Wonder How Long Does Jock Itch Last, Ask A Doctor

When we exercise or work in a hot or humid environment, it is possible to develop jock itch. Both men and women can get this rash and treating it can take a bit of time. If you do find yourself with a case of jock itch and wonder how long does jockitch last, the answer is typically around two weeks.  This timing depends upon the severity of the case and the type of treatment prescribed by your physician or healthcare provider.

How Long Does Jock Itch Last

How Long Does Jock Itch Last

Jock itch presents itself as a red, itchy rash in the groin area. If not treated, the itching can get worse and become almost unbearable with time. The jock itch rash will usually appear on the folds and both sides of the groin. The rash can become rough, dry, and bumpy. It may also develop bumps filled with pus which can begin to ooze. The rash may appear to be clearing up in the central area, but it is actually spreading outward and will eventually go down the inner thighs. The itching and rash can also extend to the genitals and eventually impact the vagina, the penis, the labia, the scrotum, and the anus. Women who have jock itch can also develop a white discharge from the vaginal and perhaps, a yeast infection. Men can develop an infection on the penis. Without treatment, jock itch can become very uncomfortable with some people developing secondary complications such as open sores, breaks in the skin, cellulitis, and ulcers.

A doctor will diagnose jock itch by looking at the rash and your symptoms. The physician may order a skin biopsy to confirm their diagnosis. A skin biopsy can also help exclude a false diagnosis. It may also be used to determine the cause of the jock itch. The doctor may also order a bacterial culture if they believe the rash is casued by something else. Athlete’s foot and jock itch are caused by the same fungus, so you doctor will probably check your feet at the same thime they examine you for jock itch.

Jock itch is usually easily curable. The infection may be spread through sharing towels or through sexual contact. Jock itch can be transferred to another individual by close skin contact. People with certain habits are simply more prone to developing jock itch. If someone exercises a great deal, has a history of exposure, or a certain immune status.

Jock itch is usually self-limiting, which means there are seldom complications from developing jock itch. It is possible to develop infections from rubbing or scratching the jock itch rash. Breaking open the skin can cause an abscess or cellulitis. Another complication of jock itch may be a temporary discoloration of the skin. This discoloration can be eithe rlighter or darker than the normal skin color and usually occurs after the jock itch is treated and cured.

Many who are infected wonder how long does jock itch last?  If it is treated immediately, the symptoms of jock itch will abate within a few days and the infection will be gone. Go here for a cure


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