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How Did I Get Jock itch: And What Can I Do About It?

How Did I Get Jock itch: And What Can I Do About It?

How Did I Get Jock itch

How Did I Get Jock itch And What Can I Do About It?

Jock itch can be a frustrating and embarrassing condition, but it is something that a lot of people suffer from, and it does not mean that you are unclean or that you should be embarrassed about it. You might find yourself wondering “how did I get jock itch”? Well, the fact is that it could have been caused in any number of ways.

Jock itch seems to most commonly affect middle-aged men, but anyone can fall victim to it, and it is more common again in people who are obese, those with diabetes, and people with chronic illnesses that affect their immune systems. It is also common in people who are taking immunosuppressant drugs, and those who are going through chemotherapy.

Jock itch is caused by a combination of skin friction, warmth and a moist environment. In such an environment, bacteria and fungi tend to thrive, and if you are wearing tight clothing or garments that tend to trap sweat, then the bacteria will build up, and as soon as there is any weakness or break in the skin there is a high chance of infection.

Exercise, heat and sweat are the perfect combination to cause jock itch – if someone’s skin is chafed through repetitive motion, or they have a weak immune system – perhaps run-down by doing lots of endurance exercise, then they are more likely to get it. Exercising then not going in the shower straight afterwards is a likely cause.

Usually, the first sign that you have the infection is mild and intermittent itching around the groin area. As the itching becomes worse, and people scratch it, they may find that it develops into a rough rash which can start giving off an unpleasant discharge. At this point, you shouldn’t be wondering “how did I get jock itch“, but thinking about how to treat it before complications such as broken skin, sores and ulcers start to appear.

Jock itch is limited to just the groin and the surrounding area – including the anal area and the inner thigh. Similar infections which affect other parts of the body would go by another name, but are more rare because it is unusual for chafing and a build up of sweat to happen in other areas, except perhaps the feet.

Treating jock itch involves cleaning the area, soothing the irritation and trying to keep it as dry as possible. The doctor may want to test the skin to see if the infection is something else other than jock itch – for example they might want to check for ringworm, impetigo or staph. How Did I Get Jock itch

These infections require specific treatments such as antibiotics or antifungal cream. They are quite contagious infections, and people who play contact sports would be advised to avoid them while the infection is still contagious.

 Treatment should be aggressive, and it is important that people follow the full course, especially with ringworm, which has a habit of coming back if treatment is stopped too early. Continue Here



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