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Homemade Cure for Jock Itch:What is An Effective Homemade Cure for Jock Itch?

Homemade Cure for Jock Itch

Homemade medicine for Jock Itch

What is An Effective Homemade Cure for Jock Itch?

Jock itch is a frustrating infection which can affect both men and women, although it is more common in middle-aged men and younger athletes. It is usually caused by a combination of a weakened immune system, sweat, warmth, and tight clothing allowing fungi to breed and then take hold on the skin.

The burning and itching caused by jock itch can be incredibly unpleasant, but the good news is that it is possible to cure it quite easily, for most people. An effective homemade cure for jock itch could save you a trip to the doctor.

Perhaps the most popular effective homemade cure for jock itch is to draw a bath and put a few drops of tea tree oil in it, then soak in the bath for a little while. The tea tree oil is a powerful antifungal and antibacterial agent, and it will also help to alleviate the inflammation that comes with the infection.

If bathing in a bath with tea tree oil is not an option, try applying some tea tree oil to a cotton ball and dabbing it gently onto the affected area. Do this twice a day. If you find that the tea tree oil causes a burning sensation that is very unpleasant, then you can dilute it a little bit with coconut oil. Note that you should only do this if your jock itch appears to be an infection on the surface of the skin. If the skin is already broken, then you should not put tea tree oil directly onto it.

Instead, try another homemade cure – such as using diluted apple cider vinegar to clean the area and soothe the itching. Apple cider vinegar is another great antifungal, and it can be very useful for controlling infections. Water the vinegar down with one tablespoon of vinegar to two cups of water.

Be sure to dry the affected area thoroughly in between treatments, and stop wearing tight fitting, non-breathable clothing. Choose loose underwear made of cotton or other natural fibers, and make sure that if you exercise, you shower immediately afterwards and dry yourself thoroughly.

If homemade remedies do not do the trick, and your infection does not go away after 10 days, or appears to be getting worse, it is a good idea to see a doctor. Jock itch is something that affects almost everyone at some point in their lives, but persistent or recurring problems can be a sign of a weak immune system – or it could be that instead of having jock itch you actually have impetigo, a staph infection, ringworm, or something else that is more difficult to get rid of. Many skin infections are highly contagious, so it is a good idea to get them diagnosed promptly, and treated properly – especially if you have children, or you are an athlete that plays a contact sport. It would be unfortunate for your entire team to come down with a preventable infection.
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