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Cure Jock Itch Fast Naturally-But Act Quickly

Cure Jock Itch Fast Naturally

Cure Jock Itch Fast, Is Easy And Simple

You Can Cure Jock Itch Fast Naturally But Act Quickly

If you’ve had some intense itching going on in the groin area lately, you should take a closer look to assess the problem. It’s very likely that you have a common fungal infection called Jock Itch, caused by tinea cruris, the sooner you start treating it the less it will spread and the faster you’ll be done with it. There are a few other symptoms to narrow your diagnosis, here are the most common.

The Symptoms Of Jock Itch Are Similar To Many Other Fungal Infections

First there is the itching that doesn’t seem to go away, but gets worse every time you scratch it. Then you’ll see a bright red rash, sometimes with a white patch in the middle. The white patch will start emitting a clear, smelly fluid, and the red edges will continue to grow outwards.

The smell of yeast is unmistakable, it will get on your hands from scratching, and you might be able to smell it from a foot or two away. You should take care to always wash your hands after touching or scratching the infection.

Jock Itch can be highly contagious, however, it doesn’t have the ability to penetrate the skin without some help, usually an abrasion caused by friction, the rubbing of your thigh to groin area, or clothes that don’t fit well. Part of prevention is to stop any friction, and keep any already raw areas disinfected with alcohol.

If You’re Infected You Can Cure Jock Itch Fast Naturally

Yeast and fungal infections grow and spread rapidly as long as they’re moist, dark and not being treated. You can begin by cleaning the infection with rubbing alcohol, it’s a great disinfectant, and will kill Jock Itch on contact, but won’t penetrate deep into the skin. It will also have a drying effect, but doesn’t leave a long lasting residue.

After you’ve cleansed the infection, look for some tea tree oil to apply to the wound. Tee tree oil has a long lasting effect and only needs to be reapplied every 4 hours or so. It’s all natural, but strong, so it will do a good job if you can find it at the local pharmacy or health food store.

Lemons or lemon juice concentrate can also be an excellent home remedy for yeast infections. It will have to be diluted about an ounce to a cup of water, then it should be applied and left to dry. Reapply regularly, cleaning each time with the rubbing alcohol to clean off the dead cells and get to the heart of the infection.

There Are Over The Counter Medications Available

There are medicines containing Lotrimin that can be purchased at the pharmacy without a prescription. The cream is very effective, and it’s a good idea to keep some on hand in your medicine cabinet. Although you can cure jock itch fast naturally, the over the counter meds work good and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Treating a yeast, fungal, or jock itch infection with home remedies can be done, and will work. However, if your infection has progressed out of control, don’t hesitate to see a doctor and get some prescription medicine. The longer you wait the worse it will get, so it’s best to get started right away, don’t wait until tomorrow. Cure Jock Itch Fast Naturally now

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